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This page contain NemID information in English and NemID conditions in several languages.

Movie about how citizens in Slagelse municipality get NemID

To learn more about NemID, read our question and answer section, where we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about the NemID.

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  • How do I obtain NemID

    There are several ways to obtain NemID. You can:

    • Obtain NemID via citizen services
      If you do not wish to or cannot order NemID online – or if you need to use NemID immediately – you can obtain NemID by visiting a Borgerservice (a citizen service centre) or a skattecenter (tax centre) in person.

      Find a citizen service centre (in Danish - new window).
      (nyt vindue)
      Remember to bring valid ID

    • Obtain NemID via online banking
      If you enter into an online banking agreement with your bank, you can obtain NemID via the bank. For more information, please contact your bank.

    • Order NemID online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver's licence).
      If you have a Danish driver’s licence or a Danish passport as well as an address listed in the national register, you can order NemID on the NemID website.

      Order NemID with a Danish driver's licence or a Danish passport(in Danish - new window) (nyt vindue)

      After a few days, you will receive two letters, one with your code card and one with an Activation Password which you must use when you activate NemID.
  • NemID conditions - in serveral languages

    You must be aware of the terms, conditions and rules that apply when you request and use NemID. One of the conditions you must accept is that Nets DanID may retrieve your name and address from the CPR register.

  • Valid ID

    You need to show  valid ID before you can obtain NemID through personal appearance.

    You have several options regarding ID:

    ID with photo

    One of the forms of valid (not expired) photographic identity card presented below.

    • National driver’s license issued in an EU/EEA Member State, Greenland or the Faroe Islands
    • Passport issued by a public authority in your home country
    • Military ID card (from Denmark)
    • NATO passport
    • Police ID card (from Denmark)
    • Residence permit with photo issued in Denmark
    • Danish banks’ ID card
    • National ID card with photo issued by a public authority in your home country and which can be used as a travel document in Schengen states.

    ID without photo

    If you do not have any photographic identity card, you must bring two other types of ID, one of which must hold your CPR number. Please note that if you produce ID without photo, you cannot obtain the code card immediately. It will be sent to your address as listed in the national register.

    • Birth or name certificate
    • Health insurance card or certificate of residential address
    • Latest annual statement or preliminary income from SKAT (Danish Tax and Customs Administration)
    • Documentation of receipt of public benefit (not dating back more than three months).

    Please note that at least one of the ID cards must be your health insurance card, certificate of residential address, or birth or name certificate. Please note also that if your NemID is obtained via your bank and you later on wish to use your NemID as a public digital signature via citizen services, you must show ID with photo.

  • Who can obtain NemID

    You can obtain NemID when:

    • You have a Danish CPR number
    • You have reached the age of 15
    • You are able to meet the ID requirements.

    You need not be a Danish national. You can obtain NemID if you have a CPR number and valid ID. It is important that you have valid ID. Read more about valid ID in the section below about valid ID.

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